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Dental Implants

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Temporomandibular Disorders

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Maxillofacial Prostheses


Dental implants can provide a fixed solution to replace a single or multiple missing teeth.

For a single tooth in the aesthetic zone, often we can provide immediate fixed same day tooth replacement, shortening overall treatment time and avoiding removable appliances. 

For a full arch of failing or missing teeth, an entire set of teeth can be fitted to a few (usually four) dental implants as a fixed full arch prosthesis using the IB4 concept (for more information, please read the Full Jaw Fixed Teeth Replacement section below). 

For all types of implant treatment in Adelaide, contact PH Pros to make an appointment or to discuss your dental needs.


Full Jaw Fixed Teeth Replacement

For patients who have multiple failing teeth or who are struggling with their complete dentures, fixed implant supported teeth may be appropriate.

Drawing on considerable experience with the well-publicised All on Four™ technique and our research on long-term outcomes on full jaw implant supported tooth replacement, PH Prosthodontics has optimised a protocol for efficient, cost effective full jaw replacement fixed teeth with minimal treatment time. 

This protocol is called IB4 and is usually carried out in a single episode of surgical treatment under general anaesthetic with delivery of fixed teeth that can be used for eating and smiling within 48 hours. This makes it optimal for nervous patients with a failing dentition looking for a predictable fixed tooth solution. 

This protocol offers the complete package to support and assist patients during the transition to implant supported teeth. The team here at PH Prosthodontics works with our patients to optimise maintenance for long-term success.

For all types of implant treatment in Adelaide, contact PH Prosthodontics to make an appointment or to discuss your dental needs!


Tooth Wear and Full Mouth Reconstruction

Teeth wear naturally with age. While for many the teeth shorten and age gracefully in keeping with natural features, for some people other factors such as tooth grinding and acidic foods / drinks lead to unsightly breakdown and tooth surface loss. Once the hard enamel surface has been breached, the rate of tooth wear increases, and if left untreated tooth wear may lead to tooth loss.

If you are concerned about tooth wear, a prosthodontist is best placed to consider the severity of wear in relation to age, provide preventive strategies and, if necessary, advise on the future timing of treatment to ensure ongoing comfortable function and good aesthetics of the teeth.

Thanks to developments in modern ceramics, with careful preparation and skilled dental technicians, teeth can be conservatively and durably restored to natural brilliance.

If you’re worried about your worn teeth, contact PH Prosthodontics to make an appointment today.


Cosmetic Dentistry and Veneers

Cosmetic dentistry involves improving the overall dental aesthetics of a patient’s smile, often through the use of ceramic veneers.

Veneers are a conservative solution that can improve dental aesthetics in many ways, some of which include closing small gaps in between the teeth, correcting slightly misaligned or crooked teeth, and treating discoloured teeth.

We offer both composite and ceramic veneers to help improve a patient’s smile and overall confidence.

To find out if this treatment is right for you or if you are unhappy with your smile, contact PH Prosthodontics. Our friendly team will be happy to make an appointment or discuss your cosmetic dental needs.


Complete and Partial Dentures

Conventional dentures are removable prostheses that not only replace missing teeth, but also lost / resorbed gum and bone, as well as improving facial and lip support.

We specialise in a variety of denture solutions, including both partial dentures and complete (full) dentures.

For those patients who cannot tolerate their dentures, we also offer implant-supported or implant-retained solutions in the right cases.

Our friendly team will be happy to make an appointment or discuss your dental needs – contact us on (08) 8363 3755


Sedation / Twilight Dentistry

At our St Peter’s location, licensing processes are well underway to accommodate the most recent legislation for conscious sedation in the dental office.

We are pleased to be able to provide both general dentistry and implant surgery under intravenous sedation to the highly anxious patient to make visiting the dentist as comfortable as possible.

We work together with specialist anaesthetists to create the safest possible environment for your dental treatment.

If you’re nervous about visiting the dentist, enquire about sedation or “twilight” dentistry. Our friendly team will be happy to make you an appointment to discuss your dental needs – contact us today!


TMJ Disorders and Dysfunction (TMD)

Problems in the temporomandibular joints (jaw joints) can often manifest in joint noises (painful clicking or grating / crepitus), locking of the jaw, restricted mouth opening or facial pain.

The causes can be complex, but significant clenching and grinding habits may be a contributing factor.

Treatment starts with the correct diagnosis and should be tailored to your individual problem – we can help you find a solution to relieve your symptoms.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms or suspect you grind your teeth, contact PH Prosthodontics to make an appointment on (08) 8363 3755


Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA)

Obstructive sleep apnoea involves repeated episodes of airway obstruction during sleep.

It can often be associated with snoring, waking up feeling unrefreshed, and daytime tiredness, and has been linked to a variety of medical risks.

Treatment of mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnoea can often be achieved through the use oral appliances rather than a CPAP machine. CPAP is generally considered the gold standard of treatment for sleep apnoea, but is not always well tolerated. It is critical to have sleep apnoea assessed in conjunction with an appropriate medical specialist who will advise if an oral appliance might be suitable.

If you or your partner suspect you have sleep apnoea, or you have had a diagnosis from your physician, our friendly team will be happy to make an appointment to discuss your possible treatment options.


Maxillofacial Prostheses

Prosthodontists are also trained in the restoration of maxillofacial defects from trauma or post-resective surgery following oral cancer.

Restoration of these defects can be through a combination of conventional denture prosthetics (obturators) and implant-supported or implant-retained prostheses.